Litter Plans

Our spring 2019 litter plans are coming along.  This promises to be an excellent breeding using dogs with strong drive, style and great temperaments.

  • These puppies will be representative of our Tamdhu roots. Juno is well on her way to becoming a bench Champion and has demonstrated a keen hunting instinct, natural, strong pointing instincts and good drive. We were shooting ruffed grouse over solid points at 9 months of age.  She’s a nice modest size (running about 48 pounds today). 
  • A Tamdhu Gordon Setter will hunt true to its heritage and is bred for health and temperament. 
  • We believe in providing quality early development and socialization to our puppies. We breed infrequently, with quality our primary goal, We plan our litters carefully with several objectives in mind. These objectives are to preserve and improve hunting drive, stamina, style, trainability, conformation, temperament, and health. This means the we often reach out and select from the best available dogs in the breed (as in this litter) and not just use what happens to be sitting in our kennel. 
  • We are active members of the Gordon Setter Club of America. We donate our time and resources to support  Gordon Setter Rescue, Field Trials, Hunt Tests, Specialty Shows, Supported Entries, and field training days. 
  • We expect our Gordons to be great companions. Temperament is extremely important to us. Our dogs make their homes in busy households and are exposed to a broad range of experiences. We expect these puppies will be excellent pets but you must provide a rich, varied environment for them to develop fully sound temperaments. This is particularly important in that first “golden year” of the puppies life when their emotional development and adaptability is greatest.
  • If you are looking primarily for a pet please understand every dog needs a job. Something more than just laying around the house 24/7. Recognize these are sporting dogs and they need physical exercise to remain happy and healthy. Who doesn’t? If you are not already inclined, please consider becoming active in some facet of field work, obedience, agility or other activity that will enrich your relationship with your Gordon Setter.  
  • Do not be put off if you are a great distance away. Our puppies have found homes in many corners of the US. We can help arrange transfer of your puppy at the appropriate time. 
  • You should know that in recent years there are only about a couple dozen litters of Gordon Setters registered with AKC. There is of course a significantly greater pool of unregistered Gordon’s out there. If quality matters to you, your research and patience will be rewarded with a Tamdhu Gordon Setter.  
  • If you simply must have a Gordon Setter today and can’t wait for a Tamdhu puppy then we wish you luck in your search. Do your homework, study some pedigrees and ask lots of questions. Ask us and we may be able to provide a referral to an appropriate breeder for the style of Gordon Setter you seek. 
  • Being a hunter or show person is not a requirement for owning a Gordon Setter from Tamdhu. Being a great pet owner is.