Vegas   (Tamdhu Dealer's Choice)

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Vegas -  brace of grouse

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This girl loves to retrieve

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Vegas' Pedigree 
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Vegas was born July 11, 2001. She's from our AKC Champion / Master Hunter bitch Rachel and a fine dual champion (Bench and Field Trial Champion) stud named Zuke (see pedigree). Vegas is OFA Good. She's currently working to begin AKC Master level hunt tests when she's not afield as a personal gun dog. 

Vegas keeps a modest, straight coat and is an athletic female. She is conformationally very strong but lacks the flowing coat show judges seem to demand today.  We continue to actively show her in the hopes a judge will see her for the outstanding working dog she is.  She has very strong hunting and pointing instinct and is very biddable. 

Vegas has been hunted almost exclusively on Wisconsin grouse and woodcock. There have been a few game farm pheasants thrown in for fun with our son Blake. In 2004 we took a trip to South Dakota for pheasants - Vegas slick coat was nice to have afield and she hunted hard on cagey wild birds, albiet, not in the manner the typical South Dakota "labrador" guys want (which is to say working just 15 yards ahead of the gun). Her style is ideal for the one-on-one foot hunter who doesn't wish to mob hunt pheasant. Woodcock are a piece of cake for Vegas and she figured them out quickly. Vegas frequently nails her birds hard and on occasion has been known to give a "smoking point".  She points with a level tail, sometimes slightly up on grouse and  sometimes slightly down, usually on planted quail. No crouching, flagging, or creeping. She has a keen nose and naturally stands off her birds.

She is playful, intelligent and a joy to have in the house. 

Vegas will no longer be bred. We are now using her daughters to produce the next generation of Tamdhu.  You can learn more about breeding plans on our What's New Page.

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A Vegas son at 45 days of age



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