Tamdhu Puppy Pic's  2001                                     

Featuring our 2001 litter whelped July 11, 2001. 
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allpups1day.jpg (74099 bytes) 1 day old, the whole gang sleeping under the heat lamp. 
allpups1day2.jpg (80962 bytes)  
pupwbret.jpg (82189 bytes) First day outside 8/6/01 with our son Brett
pupwblake.jpg (68533 bytes) Pink girl with Blake - this is actually Vegas, the puppy we kept from this litter. She has her own page now - click here to jump to it.
pupsinpen.jpg (84533 bytes) Tentatively looking about.
redboy.jpg (84693 bytes) Red boy
twopupstellingsecrets.jpg (89766 bytes) Telling secrets?
threeamigos.jpg (105019 bytes) Off to the races . . . .