2008 Litter Pics 
Vegas x Duke

Tamdhu Dealer's Choice x
Tartana Digging-Est Dog JH

The Carribean Litter


GreenG08PT10001.JPG (228931 bytes) BlueB08Pt2.JPG (239301 bytes) BlueB08Pt2.JPG (239301 bytes)

Some early stacking photos at 52 days old. Don't judge these too harshly. 
Puppies are hard to picture and they don't cooperate thus the sometimes pouty faces and firm grip. 

Blue Girl BlueG08Side0001.jpg (196756 bytes) BlueG08Front0001.JPG (174486 bytes)
Pink Girl PinkG08Side0001.JPG (210547 bytes) PinkG08Front0001.JPG (143551 bytes)
Green Girl GreenG08Side0001.JPG (222567 bytes) GreenG08Front0001.JPG (163786 bytes)
Red Girl RedG08Side0001.JPG (216259 bytes) RedG08Front0001.JPG (181734 bytes)
Lime Green Girl LimeG08Side0001.JPG (207046 bytes) LimeG08Front0001.JPG (182040 bytes)
Purple Girl PurpleG08Side0001.JPG (210319 bytes) PurpleG08Front0001.JPG (148616 bytes)
Orange Boy OrangeB08Side0001.JPG (217307 bytes) OrangeB08Front0001.JPG (183517 bytes)
Blue Boy BlueB08Side0001.JPG (180032 bytes) BlueB08Front0001.JPG (159006 bytes)
Yellow Boy YelloB08Side0001.JPG (221465 bytes) YelloB08Front0001.JPG (156606 bytes)
  1st day eyes open  
  At the feeding trough   
  Sleepy time  
  Pups at play  
  New toys and an escape ramp  
  RomperRoom with Blake