Nova (GCH  Tamdhu Stellar Explosion)

Nova was born August 19, 2006 and is from a breeding of Vegas, Tamdhu Dealers Choice, and a stud dog E.T. Dual Ch. Sun-Yak Spellbound Heaven Scent, owned by Carolyn Gold. 

Nova's pedigree 

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Nova is an exceptionally balanced and wonderful representative of the Gordon Setter breed. After a slow start on the bench at about the age of four she matured enough that judges began to notice. She had several big wins and gained her majors in a short time.  She continued on this roll for another year, with several more wins and became our first Grand Champion. The momentum continued into 2014 and she earned a Bronze Level Grand Champion. 

Nova's conducts her field work with an eagerness to please and reasonable range. Naturally points from a good distance, works cover nicely and handles easily. Like her uncle Gauge,  Nova is very  biddable, requiring nothing more than an infrequent stern voice to get your point across. She points with good intensity and a level tail.  She's points her birds well and is very willing to stand off them a great distance, with birds often times 30 to 40 yards out front, sitting tight. This propensity means we must try to make a wide circle to get in front of her in the grouse woods. 

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Nova carries a modest coat and is a medium sized Gordon running about 58-62 pounds. 

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