On this page you'll find photos of Tamdhu puppies from their adoptive homes.  

Gunny 017.jpg (388018 bytes)  
DarcyFallImage.jpg (199597 bytes) Darcy 
SteveGunnySH2010.jpg (174344 bytes) Steve with Gunny, with a successful Senior Hunter test!  
BaleyIMG_2005.JPG (1564427 bytes) Couch potatoes
BaleyPicture150.jpg (889008 bytes) Baily hanging out on the lake
CaseydaBirdDog4.jpg (60033 bytes) Bird Dog!  This is Casey from the '99 litter (Cal x Rachel). Casey owns a wonderful couple in Conneticut
fredpuppy1.jpg (17818 bytes) This is Fred from the 2001 litter. He has a wonderful home here in SE Wisconsin with a brother from the first litter and several other "off-colored" setters (read English)
fred2.jpg (33894 bytes)  
Kenn2.jpg (26999 bytes) Kenna, sister to Vegas litter taking a little time to relax.
CouchPotato.jpg (53479 bytes) Kenna again - she doesn't snooze all the time!  She's a real pistol in the field. 
DarcySnow2.JPG (137492 bytes) Darcy gathers up a few snowballs.
NationalSportsmanCoverAug1039.jpg (59264 bytes)