Erin  (Tamdhu XLV MVP JH)

Erin completed her Junior Hunt title in 2014 easily qualifying with four strong performances. In the last three tests, handled by Chris, she cleaned the field leaving all of her bracemate birdless. A bit harsh for the bracemates but she easily outclassed the dogs she was braced with, demonstrating a competitive side we hadn't seen before. While her bench work has come along a bit slower she has matured nicely and will continue to advance.  Her modest size is probably the greatest obstacle in the ring dominated by bigger dogs. 

What we love the most about her is her sweet disposition and strong natural pointing and hunting instinct.   Born February 5, 2011 Erin was pointing and holding woodcock and grouse at nine months of age.  While nine months is a bit of precocious age -  her innate desire to stand off her birds and wait for the gun continues to this day.   

She's an easy going, biddable dog to handle and hunt, perhaps a bit closer working than some of our other Gordons but more than willing to put in several hours of hard work.  She loves water and swimming and will fetch bumpers endlessly from land and water. 

IMG_0740.jpg (2866815 bytes) Erin points grouse in North Central Wisconsin, 2014
IMG_0684.jpg (5130197 bytes) Woodcock point 
IMG_0694.jpg (1597673 bytes) Cooling off in Hasbrook Lake / Lake Tomahawk WI at the end of a long long day of grouse and woodcock hunting. Erin never passes water without going for dip. 
IMG_2937b_2.jpg (157702 bytes) Erin in early March 2014. Just beginning to plump up for a late March litter. 
IMG_2917b_1.jpg (133478 bytes) IMG_2915b_2.jpg (152122 bytes)
IMG_2919b_2.jpg (191615 bytes) IMG_2949b_1.jpg (108586 bytes)
Erin2_Major.jpg (90313 bytes) Erin earned a Three point major at the Marshfield Kennel Club Dog show August 2013.  Judge Chuck Trotter.  Her Aunt Nova took Best of Breed the same day.
Erin_bench1.jpg (168697 bytes) Erin's first show Point.
Erin-pt1.jpg (298125 bytes) Erin points another grouse. Fall 2013. She doesn't get them all pointed but does work hard to stand back. 
Erin-pt2.jpg (280513 bytes) On point with a woodcock.  Fall 2013  Erin is 2.5 years old. 
Erin-wc1.jpg (193904 bytes) Chris and Erin with their game.  Erin worked hard this fall and is coming along nicely for Chris.
Erin-run1.jpg (187830 bytes) Playing "fetch" in the yard, something she likes to do everyday. One could throw a bumper all day for her - land or water. 

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