Darcy  x Gilbert, Feb 2011 

Welcome to our 2011 litter page. This is our first litter in a couple of years. Born February 5th 2011, 7 girls and 4 boys. Yes - a big litter and all are doing great. They will be ready to go home in mid-April.  This litter is  whelped in our home with the utmost care and attention to developing well socialized, sound temperament dogs that are ready to come to your home and be a part of your family. We breed infrequently and with a purpose. Our goal is to provide quality, not quantity. 

Darcy is owned by Don Clemons and is out of our own Tamdhu Dealer's Choice (Vegas) X DC Sun-Yak Spellbound Heaven Scent (E.T.)  Darcy is a litter sister to our "Nova".  Darcy is an excellent match to Phil and Holly Wachuta's Gilbert . Bringing together two very nice Gordon Setters with strong conformations (Darcy is a bench Champion), biddability, sound health backgrounds and absolutely wonderful temperaments. Gilbert has both of his required bench majors and needs just a couple of points to finish. 

Darcy and Gilbert each have good / appropriate bone, medium size, modest straight coat, nice heads and nice top lines. 

Darcy and Gilbert are each personal gun-dogs. Each have good drive, range and move well in the field.  They each hunt hard and point with level tails and heads. These are not run of the mill bench dogs that might hunt. These are Gordon Setters of real substance, genuine intellect, bred to enjoy a full day in the field and bring home birds. 

There are less than 60 Dual Champions (dogs with both a Field Trial x Bench Championship) in the breed history, 10 unique DC Gordon Setters are in this pedigree, appearing 15 times.

Link to Darcy X Gilbert Pedigree

CH Tamdhu Night Sky

Tartana Uptown Gilbert Brown

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A nicely put together working dog!

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Darcy on a quail / training

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Connie happily accepts a reserve winners bitch with Darcy at North Country Specialty 

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Darcy with her litter of puppies (gestating) just a few weeks ago. 

A few words from Don about Darcy: 

"Darcy has been an absolute pleasure to own. She has a wonderful temperament, always interested in what’s going on and engaged in the process. She is very intelligent, as all of my Gordon Setters have been. One of the things I have enjoyed most about my Tamdhu Gordons has been the upbeat personality they have all displayed. We are very active with our dogs and horses, camping, hunting, field-trialing, hunt-testing and much more… Our Gordons are always ready for the adventure, whether it is hunting related or not. They are great travelers, and adaptable to all of the circumstances they have been exposed to.

In the field, Darcy’s intelligence and independence shows. She will hunt with you up to a point, but if the bird scent happens to go a different way than you do- she’s following the bird! Like her mother, she is driven to find game, and will go where the birds are. But at the same time, she will handle for you- you just need to give her a little input. Hunting with a good Gordon Setter is not a point and shoot operation- your Gordon is an active partner in the process, a thinking gun dog.

As my personal gun dog, Darcy has been hunting with me for woodcock and ruffed grouse in Wisconsin, and pheasants in South Dakota. In fact, Laura took her first pheasant ever, hunting over Darcy. She has handled the different terrains wonderfully, and is getting better and better at handling the birds, as she gains more experience. I’m looking forward to many years of enjoyment with her in the future."

Phil and Holly may provide a bit less prose about Gilbert but they are very enthusiastic about Gilbert's temperament, attitude and ability. Unfortunately we don't have pictures of him hunting. Chris forgot the camera when they were together hunting in November, grrrrrr.

"Gilbert is Phil's personal grouse dog and a retrieving maniac......he has two majors acquired in only four shows that he has been in.  One of these days I may finish him up on a hunt test title. He currently hunts and handles with minimal training and works for Phil nicely as a natural bird dog.  He possess a wonderful upbeat temperament that he is stamping along with high birdiness to his get.  The only best picture of him is the one you took at the field trial (seen above). "

We'll work on Gilbert pictures so check back later.

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